About Us

All the members of French Federation of Armature cooking aka FF Cuisine Armature welcome you to our blog. We are a group of people from France that belong to different walks of life but share a similar passion for cooking. With this blog, we promote the French Cuisine and the home cooked recipes that not many people know about. France is a country of diversity, and there is numerous cuisine available here. Each part of the country has a different kind of food culture.

Our team consists of food enthusiasts from various parts of France that brings to you some of the best recipes and cooking tips from their region. We make sure that you don’t miss out on anything that is related to French food.

Our Beliefs

We at FF Cuisine Amateurs believe that the French cuisine has a lot of potentials. There are a lot of dishes in France that can become commercial successes. We believe that the cuisine is not getting as much recognition as it should get. We also think that we must save and promote our local cuisine and let the world know about the actual food treasure they have been missing. The French food is only available in the restaurants all over the world; we think that all the people should make French food in their own houses. These food items are really easy to prepare, healthy and also tasty.

In Our Blog

In our blog, you will find all kinds of information about the French food from the various regions of France. You will also find many recipes for the most difficult dishes simplified and modified. We keep posting easy to make recipes in English so that our English speaking audience can also make the food in their kitchens. Our members are all food enthusiasts, and you can be sure that all the recipes on this blog are tried and tested before they are posted for you guys to try out. We also post about the food festivals and food-related events in France on our blog. So, anything you want to know about the food in France can be found on our blog.

Our Mission

As already said, France is a country of numerous cuisines and cultures. People in the world have not realized the hidden gems of the French cuisines. Our mission is to make the French cuisine famous all over the world. The people who do not have the availability of the recipes to the French dishes can read them on our blog and can have their home-cooked meals just like the restaurants. We also want the world to know the diversity of foods that are available in the country. We want the French cuisine to be the best in the world and to be the most preferred by all the people. Our mission is also to encourage the youth in our country to promote their local foods and not be influenced by the other cultures.

The Future

With this blog we want the people to know about the various types of French cuisines. We want to give the English speaking population a platform to know our culture and its greatness. In the future we want the cuisine from France to be the best in the whole world.

It is not a vague dreamed because we know that the food here has the potential to be famous all over the world. We firmly believe in promoting our culture and bringing to you the best of the best.

For The Readers!

In the end, we would like to thank all our new and old readers who have supported us and liked our work. We promise to work hard and bring to you the best content possible from all over the country.


Keep visiting us. We also like to interact with our readers and answer all their queries. Also if you want to give us some ideas or want help regarding the French cuisine, we will be more than happy to listen to you.

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