Cooking Events In France

Le Cordon Bleu Paris in France Graduates

France is known for its amazing food all over the world. The food from France has moved to various places in the world and has become the staple of many people. The art of making pastry and the famous croissant have traveled all over the world from France.


Although you can easily find the French food anywhere in the world, there are very few places that will offer you with the authenticity. To have a taste of the best food, you have to visit the country itself and have an up close and personal experience. It will be an experience to remember and it something that everyone who loves food must try.


It is also true if you want to learn how to cook the French cuisine. What better place to learn French Cuisine than France itself. People from all over the world travel to France to learn from some of the best chefs in the industry. The food in France is incomparable, and the experience you can get there is unique. Numerous French cooking classes can be found in various cities of France and some of which are famous all around the world.


Since France is famous for its food and the variety of cuisines, numerous workshops and events keep taking places at various places. Some of the best Chef’s from all over the world come and participate in these events and have the authentic experience of the French Cuisine.


There are a few points that you should keep in mind before taking a class in France:


  1. The first important point is to make sure that you know and understand French. Most of the Classes in France take place in French and if you do not read or understand French, going to France will not be a good option for you.
  2. There are a few classes that take place in English. However, the seats get booked fast, so you need to pre-reserve the seats.


Some of the best places to learn cooking in France are as follows:


Cordon Bleu School Paris

Cordon Bleu School Paris is one of the most important and famous school to learn cooking. This is the school of hotel management initially but also has some short-term courses just in French Cuisines. They have some of the best chefs as teachers that teach all the basics and the tips and tricks of French cuisines to the students.

Atelier Des Chefs

Atelier des Chefs is another famous place where you can learn to cook French Cuisine. They have centers all over the country in all of the major cities. The details of all the courses are available on their website. However the website is in French, so it might be a little difficult for everyone to understand it.

Organic Cooking Workshops

Organic cooking workshop

Numerous organic cooking workshops are conducted by the ‘What’s For Dinner’ that can also be taken to learn all kinds of French cooking. These classes teach the people about the organic products from the local markets and how they can be used to cook food. 

Cook’n With Class

Cook’n with class school

Cook’n  with class is another cooking school in Paris where you can go and learn the basics of French cooking. They also have various guest chefs that take classes and teach people about the various new tips about the French cooking.

Alain Ducasse School

Chef Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse is a Michelin Chef who also teaches classes in France for all the people that want to learn the art of cooking French cuisines. Many junior chefs and students from all over the world come to attend his workshops. These classes are held in English and hence are the best options for the people who do not understand French.

These are some of the most famous places that can teach you how to cook authentic French meals. In addition to these, there are regular workshops, and events keep happening in France that can be attended. The updates can be seen on various websites and online portals. You can book the tickets in advance and learn from the masters of French Cuisines.