Traditional French Cuisines And How To Make Them

Slow Cooked Coq Au Vin

If you are a beginner and are getting to know the French cuisine, you might find really difficult with the variety of foods that are available to you. The French language is a very difficult language to learn and understand, and all the French dishes have these fancy names that intimidate people before they even try to make them. However, making French dishes are not as difficult as it looks.

There are some basic recipes in the French cuisines that need to be mastered, and then you can add your variations to the foods and create new recipes just like the chef’s do in the restaurants. Each basic French meal has three courses, the starters, the main course and then a dessert.

Here are some of the dishes from each of these courses that you can make easily and quickly.

Roquefort Cheese And Caramelized Onion Tart

Roquefort Cheese and Onion Tart

For the appetizers, the obvious choice would be a Roquefort cheese and onion tart. Tarts are one of the most famous dishes in the French cuisine. This recipe is the perfect start to the dinner or lunch as it is a combination of so many different flavors to awaken your taste buds. The recipe gets ready in an hour and even earlier if you are using ready made tart.

Creamy Shrimp Bisque

Shrimp Bisque

The next things that come with a French meal are soup. Shrimp Bisque is the traditional food from the Charente region of western France and is one of the easiest dishes you can cook. The soup requires grey shrimps, milk, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper and some croutons. All these ingredients are cut and boiled and later whizzed in a food processor. They are passed through a fine sieve to extract the soup and served.

Truffle Salad

Black truffle egg salad

The French can make something as boring as a salad into something really interesting. The Truffle Salad is very famous in the French restaurants and easy to make. All you will need is a truffle, some lettuce, walnut oil, vegetable oil, white wine, white vinegar, chopped parsley and some salt and pepper. The truffle needs to be poached in white wine for 5 minutes and sliced into thin pieces. This is now added to the lettuce. a=salt pepper and vinegar are added with parsley.

Coq au vin with sour cream potato mash

Coq au Vin

For the main course, we have the famous Coq au Vin. It is a rooster that is delicately cooked with wine, mushrooms, and lardons. This recipe takes a lot of time to prepare and cook. So it is advisable to start beforehand if you are going to try it in the kitchen.

Fruit Tart

French fruit tarts

We cannot ignore the desert in the French cuisine. The fruit tart is one of the most famous desserts and easy to make. The best thing is that it can be made with any fruits you have in your houses. You can even use the tart base that is available in the market if you want to save yourself some time and only whip out the cream part of the desert.